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Be vigilant and defend against emerging cyber security threats
Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and their related critical infrastructure has increased in its complexity over the years.  They are the prime targets for cyber attacks and the risk of the security can be severe.  It is important for assets owners to understand the need to identify and address the risks in order to analyse threats and mitigate vulnerabilities to reduce attack surface in industrial Control Systems (ICS). 

About Attila Cybertech Training Academy (ACTA)

ACTA courses are designed for both IT and OT Security experts, ICS Operators and Engineers to gain insight of cyber-threats, trends and professional methods of protecting against cyber-attacks.

9 May 2017, - A Primer to Industrial Cyber Security

Our Training Programmes
Our comprehensive range of training modules allow organization to improve employees’ overall knowledge in ICS cybersecurity.

A Primer to ICS Cybersecurity for Executives
Our Industrial specialists employ a wide range of tests to evaluate the existing protection mechanisms in an Industrial Control System (ICS) network and environment. Through a combination of visual inspections, interviews with key personnel, and verification of configuration settings for all ICS components, we ensure that your environment is safe from external threats and associated risks.

Half Day


Two Days Course

Intermediate ICS Cybersecurity Training for Engineers
Empowering the IT and OT professionals with an in-depth knowledge in assessing and mitigating cyber threats, understanding and identifying the various vulnerabilities in the ICS industry.

Five Days Course

Advanced ICS and SCADA Cybersecurity Training*

Intensive Cybersecurity system training for IT and OT cybersecurity professional who would like to deepen their technical knowledge in auditing, implementing, verifying and regulating solutions for an ICS Cybersecurity services in their organization.

Interested in any of our Training Programmes and the key benefits of our ACTA programmes ? Request for a curriculum overview and we will share with you! Drop us an email at: (

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