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Securing Industrial Control System (ICS) / SCADA Networks


Adpics Commander.png

Attila Cybertech’s ADPICS® Commander is a software & hardware combination that offer customers unprecedented visibility, detection and control over their OT assets.

It boasts a centralized Command Dashboard that can be customized based on the criticality of data or information. Some of the customized widgets includes: -

  • Alert Manager Quick Summary View

  • ICS Network Environment Summary

  • Intelligence Sensors Monitoring

  • Real-time Network Traffic Monitoring

  • On-demand ICS-related Monitoring Chart

ADPICS® Commander brings about a host of benefits to our OT customers: 


(1) It offers a centralised analytics dashboard displaying a comprehensive overview of their OT network assets indicating uptime & security status, all in real-time.

(2) It incorporates non-intrusive Machine Learning of the Process Behaviour Monitoring for OT assets down to an individual device Level.

(3) It is non-signature based, uses ADPICS’ Machine algorithms for behaviour analysis, results in faster & more accurate Visibility, Detection & Protection of their OT system & assets.

(4) It provides an additional benefit of predictive prevention of equipment failure.

(5) Best of all, it comes bundled with a fully integrated Data Diode which protects the trusted network from any intrusion.

View the video below to see the ADPICS® Commander in action:

Kindly contact us at +65 6747 6116 or email to for a FREE consultation or demo of our ADPICS® product.

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