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Assessment & Audit

Identify your cyber risk and combat security breaches of any significant threats 
Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and their related critical infrastructure has increased in its complexity over the years.  They are the prime targets for cyber attacks and the risk of the security can be severe.  It is important for assets owners to understand the need to identify and address the risks in order to analyse threats and mitigate vulnerabilities to reduce attack surface in industrial Control Systems (ICS). 

Industrial Cyber Security Assessment (ICSA) 4.0
Our Industrial Cyber Security Assessment Service (ICSA) are designed to facilitate, deliver comprehensive reports and recommend remedial solutions that are aligned with best practices cyber security policies. We perform a deep dive into your industrial control system, that spans across the scope of people, processes and technologies. 

With our years of experience in the industrial automation, coupled with state of the art technology and best practices in managing security risk, Attila Cybertech can help you minimize risk and establish a cyber-hardened industrial control environment.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

Support (RS)

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
We provide comprehensive consultation services to help critical infrastructure stakeholders identify and uncover potential vulnerabilities in the Industrial Control System (ICS) environment. Our group of experienced professionals will conduct comprehensive internal penetration testing on target system including its components based on existing policies of the organisation. All lines of production or technology processes remain unaffected when VA is carried out.

Compliance Assessment (CA)
With our strong knowledge in the Industrial Automation and Process Control Systems environments, we can help our stakeholders achieve and comply with Industrial Standards (IEC 62443), ISO 27001 and other industry best practices.

Compliance  Assessment (CA)

Audit (IA)

Remediation Support (RS)
The cornerstone of  an industrial security assessment is the ability to adapt best practices and solutions to customer environments.  With  recommendation from our experts, we provide remedial solution and implement strategy to eliminate cyber security gaps. With all improvements implemented correctly, vulnerabilities will be minimized to avoid any unexpected cyber security breach that may cause operational disruption, bodily harm and reputation erosion.

Industrial Audit (IA)
Our Industrial specialists employ a wide range of tests to evaluate the existing protection mechanisms in an Industrial Control System (ICS) network and environment. Through a combination of visual inspections, interviews with key personnel, and verification of configuration settings for all ICS components, we ensure that your environment is safe from external threats and associated risks.

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