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Common Criteria Certification provides independent, objective validation of the reliability and fulfillment of particular security properties to a certain extent or assurance.

Product assurance, whereby products are evaluated and certified based on international standards such as Common Criteria (CC), is part of the Security-by-Design approach to reduce attack surface. It is a standard that customers can rely on to help them make informed decisions about their IT purchases.

The CC is adopted by members of the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) in order to facilitate mutual recognition of evaluation and certification results.  The Common Methodology for IT Security Evaluation (CEM) (ISO/IEC 18045) is used for evaluating the product against the established security requirements, confirming that the product is capable of meeting these requirements with an appropriate level of assurance.

To learn more, visit the Common Criteria Portal or CSA Singapore Common Criteria Scheme.

Attila Certified Product

ADPICS® Data Diode (ADPICS-DD) Version 1.0

Date of Issue: 17 August 2021

Attila ADPICS DD 1.1 - CC Cert.gif

Interested to know more about our ADPICS Data Diode?  Drop us an email at: (

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