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26 March 2021

Attila Cybertech Co-hosted 3rd ASMI Member's Learning Circle Event.

Attila co-hosted ASMI (Association of Singapore Marine Industries) members on 26 March 2021 for their 3rd ASMI Member's Learning Circle event. Attila team gave a live demonstration of Man-in-the-Middle attack on an Industrial Control System (ICS) Testbed and showcased the appropriate counter measures.

The team also gave a preview of the Attila ADPICS Commander for visibility, anomaly detection and control over OT network assets. ADPICS Commander incorporates non-intrusive Machine Learning algorithms and works seamlessly with Attila's ADPICS Data Diode, which is a highly reliable hardware-based, one-directional data transmission solution that protects the ICS network against cyber-attacks.

About Attila Cybertech

Attila Cybertech is an Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity firm. We help our clients secure their critical assets through a holistic approach with a range of solutions from risk assessments on secured network design, firewall selection/configuration and pen-testing for SCADA/industrial control systems.


We combine our specialist domain knowledge of industrial automation, process engineering and IT security with our passion for pioneering innovative cybersecurity technology to deliver leading-edge, robust and resilient solutions.

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