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18 - 20 October 2022

Govware 2022 Conference And Exhibition

Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore


SICW and Govware 2022 returned on 18-20 Oct 2022 in person at the Sands Expo & Convention Singapore.  It gathers global cybersecurity community from policymakers, thought leaders to cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts to exchange knowledge, tackle cyber threats and strengthen collaboration in the cybersecurity ecosystem.  Attila Cybertech's booth at the exhibition attracted crowds specifically interested in exploring OT cybersecurity for critical infrastructure applications. 

Showcasing at Attila Cybertech's booth was our ADPICS Commander, an anomaly detection, monitoring and prediction of potential process/equipment failure using  artificial intelligence. We also showcased our Made-in-Singapore data diode, and set up attack simulation on a water treatment plant in scenarios with/without the data diode between the ICS/Scada network and Corporate network.


About Attila Cybertech

Attila Cybertech is an Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity firm. We help our clients secure their critical assets through a holistic approach with a range of solutions from risk assessments on secured network design, firewall selection/configuration and pen-testing for SCADA/industrial control systems.


We combine our specialist domain knowledge of industrial automation, process engineering and IT security with our passion for pioneering innovative cybersecurity technology to deliver leading-edge, robust and resilient solutions.

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